Our Mission & Consumer Commitment

…Because your fun is important to us

Your Fun Matters

Our Mission Statement and Consumer Commitment is to simply be the best in every area of our business. We will accomplish this by providing an exceptional customer experience, being the best place to work, and strongly supporting our community, all while working together as ONE Top Notch Marine!

Our Core Values

Our core values are the pillars that support our Mission statement and Consumer Commitment. They form the rock solid foundation that guides our individual and collective actions. These core values are intertwined so that each supports the other.


We always strive to do the right thing. Our commitment to the truth is unwavering, both in actions and in words.

Servants’ Attitude

We exist to serve our internal and external customers with their concerns placed at the forefront of our business. We will serve our clients with a genuine gratefulness and humility leaving no doubt they are the sole focus of all of our endeavors. We are honored by our customers’ choice to do business with us, a place where our reply will always be “my pleasure”.


A personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving key results: to see it, own it, solve it, and do it. Doing it right the first time is not our goal, but our standard. We will hold ourselves responsible for this attention to detail in all of our duties.

Continuous Improvement

We are a dynamic organization that constantly seeks areas of growth and innovation. This growth starts at the personal level and continues into all aspects of our business.

Team Work

Teamwork is our individual actions, brought together for our common purpose, which subordinates our individual needs to the needs of the group. We put aside our individual needs to work towards and accomplish the larger group objective. We cooperate, using our individual skills, and provide constructive feedback despite any personal conflict between individuals. We call upon each other for help and guidance.


Fun is the key to an enjoyable workplace. It encourages energetic contributions from our team members and creates an upbeat environment for our internal and external customers that helps differentiate us from our competition!


At our dealership, you should expect:


  • The assistance of a capable and knowledgeable sales consultant
  • Advertising and representations are truthful and factual
  • A written disclosure of all details associated with a purchase
  • An explanation of the proper usage and operation of products along with an “on water” orientation
  • Products properly prepared, inspected and tested before delivery
  • The delivery of new products as scheduled
  • An explanation of all maintenance requirements and schedules established for your product
  • An explanation and written copies of warranties on all products and major components


  • The explanation of maintenance/repair plans including estimated repair time frame and costs
  • An itemized list of all charges (both warranty and retail) with thorough explanation
  • Prior approval of changes in repair costs or additional charges should they occur
  • Maintenance/repair work done right the first time by knowledgeable trained technicians
  • Maintenance/repair work completed when promised
  • Timely notice of changes in service delivery time if delays are experienced in repair completion
  • Inspect replaced/damaged components upon presentation of the invoice/work order


  • Fair, open and honest treatment without discrimination
  • Respectful, professional and accurate responses to all product questions and requests
  • Privacy and confidentiality of customer records

This is our commitment to you. You should expect a higher standard of professionalism when working with us and know that we truly care for our customers.

If you ever feel we have failed to meet this standard please contact our Director of Customer Care at 772 252-3604 or jim@topnotchmarine.com.