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Superior Outboards. Just What You’d Expect From a Honda Marine Engine.

Top Notch Marine specializes in Honda Outboard sales and service. We have hundreds of happy Honda engine customers all over Florida and beyond! Top Notch Marine has all the Honda marine motors, parts and accessories at the very best prices. We finance Honda outboards too! What are you waiting for? Save time and money on a new Honda outboard motor! Contact Us today!

Superior quality, reliability, technology, and fuel efficiency have made Honda a legend. You’ll find those same strengths in every Honda Marine outboard.

Honda introduced the first 4-stroke outboard engine in America more than 40 years ago. Back then, we were ahead of our time. Today, we’re still leading the way in engineering innovations and precision manufacturing. From the BF2.3 to the BF250, Honda outboards deliver best-of-class features across the entire outboard motor line. 

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Why buy a Honda Outboard from Top Notch Marine?

Best Ownership Experience and Lowest Cost of Ownership! That’s why. Owning a Honda Outboard is like having your best friend with you everytime you go boating! Other brands offer similar advantages but only Honda combines great features, great fuel economy, the best warranty and the best VALUE!

Now is the perfect time to consider re-powering – but the question is what brand to select? When it comes to cost, Honda outboards win hands-down. Here’s why: While all outboard engine brands of a given horsepower cost about the same, that is only part of the story. If a joystick is wanted on a twin-engine installation, which will cost $25,000 extra on a Yamaha rig – but, Honda charges only $15,000 more. That’s a savings of $10,000, right out of the gate.

The required dealer maintenance on 4-stroke engines require a 20-hour dealer visit, plus annual oil/filter and other required maintenance that can easily run $600 for a pair of large outboards per visit. Cutting maintenance costs in half as compared to other marine power options.

Then of course there’s the improvement in fuel economy. Today’s 4 stroke engines consume much less fuel then engines of the past. They are more efficient, you don’t have to buy expensive 2 stroke oil and our waters are cleaner by far as a result!

Taken together, those details save an owner almost 1/2 over the course of 5 years – about the cost of one of those big 250-hp engines. Half-price!

You simply can not buy an outboard motor with everything Honda delivers for less! Our BEST PRCE GAURANTEE is our promise that we have the very best prices on Honda Marine Engines. If you’re looking for an outboard for sale in Florida, we’ve got a great model waiting for you!


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