Welcome to Our Boating Family

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Thank you for your purchase and welcome to our family!

Soon you will be taking delivery of your new boat so please familiarize yourself with the following information designed to help you get the most out of your delivery and ownership experience.

Purchase Related Information
1. Upon Arrival for Delivery: Please locate your salesperson immediately so that we may get your delivery process started without delay. You will be completing any paperwork and remaining funding required prior to receiving your boat.

2. Final Payments: ONLY accepted in U.S. Dollars, certified check made payable to Top Notch Marine, wire transfer or debit card (if under $5000.00). If wiring funds please allow 24-48 hours for funds to clear our bank. Certified check payments may take 10 days to clear our bank. All funds must clear our bank prior to delivery of vessel.

We do not accept personal checks or credit cards as final payment in any amount.
We cannot release your boat until all funds have cleared our bank. Any payment type other than
cash, wire transfer, financing through Top Notch Marine or debit card (up to $5000) will delay your
delivery up to 10 days or until cleared!

3. Identification: Please bring a valid driver’s license or passport for anyone whose name appears on the sales agreement or loan documents.

4. Insurance Binder: Please have your insurance in place and bound prior to taking delivery of your boat. If financing please send us a copy of the binder as soon as possible and prior to delivery. If your insurance agent has questions please have them call your salesperson at 888 278-1991.

5. Florida Non- Resident buying a Boat and/or Trailer: Florida law requires sales tax be collected on all trailer purchases where the wheels touch Florida roadways. Vessels may be purchased tax exempt provider purchaser satisfies ALL requirements for exemption and completes Florida DOR form number GT-500003. For more information on Florida sales please contact the Florida Dept. of Revenue. Any non-Florida registration or title preparation will result in additional processing fees which vary by the amount of work required and will not exceed $250.00. Additional taxes and fees would be in addition to our fee.

6. Who should attend the delivery? As a general rule, boats up to 23 feet should be 2 adults maximum and the delivery person. Over 23 feet can be up to 4 persons maximum however we recommend 2 persons as well. Children should not be brought on deliveries as distractions should be minimized while you are learning all the features and safe operation of your boat.

7. On Water Orientation: We gladly provide our boat customers with free “on water orientation” and we hope you allow us to provide this valuable service for you. This important step will help you get the most out of your boat and understand the proper operation of your specific vessel. It will require 2 to 4 hours in most cases and up to 6 hours with boats over 30 feet. You can expect to learn the following:
a. Basic boat handling.
b. How to properly operate your boat and its equipment.
c. Trailering and towing safely if a trailer was purchased.

8. Florida Vessel/Trailer and Warranty Registration: We will complete your vessel registration with the State of Florida as well as your warranty registrations with the boat and engine manufacturers. Please allow up to 25 days for this process to be complete. We supply temporary documents that are valid for 30 days. If you have not received your registration documents within 25 days, please give our business office a call at 888 278-1991 ext. 114.

9. If Trading a Unit: Please be sure to bring the unit to the dealership a minimum of 48 hours prior to delivery. If this is not possible, please allow 2 hours per engine for our service team to check out your unit while you wait. Any removed equipment may result in a reduction of trade-in value. Also, please bring extra keys, manuals, associated parts, service records and invoices and title / registration papers. If there is a bank payoff on your trade in please bring any loan documents and information with you as well. Please empty all holding tanks prior to bringing your trade in to the dealership or there will be a $250.00 charge to dump holding tank.

Service Needs and Information

10. Within 30 Days of Purchase: If you have a concern within 30 days of delivery and the issue is adversely affecting the use of your boat or a safety concern please call our service team immediately and they will invite you to bring the vessel in right away. If you have an issue that is not adversely affecting the use of the unit and is NOT a safety concern, notify our service team and we will be happy to resolve the issue during your 20 hour service. TIP: We offer a free service call if within 30 days of purchase and within 15 miles of a TNM dealership.

11. After 30 days of Purchase: Manufacturer warranty and customer pay service is available at all TNM locations. You may bring your vessel by when convenient for you (please make an appointment). Please see store hours below. If you would like us to travel to you, service call fees are $149.00 plus parts & labor charges. We also offer at ramp pickup (all locations) and the fees vary by boat size and distance. As these charges are not covered under manufacturer warranty, please contact your location service manager listed below with questions or to set an appointment.

12. Obtaining Service: As our client, your service needs are our top priority. Our service department is capable of handling any service and maintenance needs you may have. We will provide free estimates and guarantee our work for 1 full year. We stock many parts to help get you in and out quickly. Please allow a minimum of 5-7 working days for common service work to be completed, if parts are needed the time will be longer. Parts provided by boat manufacturers in some cases may take up to 6 weeks or more to obtain due to manufacturing processes. As a general rule, please contact us as soon as possible so we can decide how best to help you.

13. Manufacturer Warranty Repairs: When you purchase a new boat, you also receive the peace of mind in knowing your boat, motor(s) and trailer are covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty. As your dealer, we are required to obtain prior approval before making any warranty related repairs. We are here to help you and act on your behalf by working with the manufacturer to obtain their authorization. Be sure to know and adhere to your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plan located in your owner’s manual. Manufacturers can and do refuse warranty authorizations due to lack of maintenance. In the event you believe you require warranty repairs please contact your TNM service manager right away. They will help you by getting the warranty approval process started.

14. Maintain Reliability: Proper maintenance protects your investment and helps insure trouble free fun on the water. Your boat requires service initially at 20 hours of use and then on an annual basis in most cases. For average use boaters we recommend routine service annually and a water pump service every other year. Be sure to know and adhere to your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plan located in your owner’s manual. Manufacturers can and do refuse warranty authorizations due to lack of maintenance. Please contact your nearest service team listed below. TIP: Please try not to plan a long trip or vacation with your new boat until you have at least 20 hours on it and the initial service is complete. It is always prudent to “build a confidence” in your new boat before venturing
far from port.

Sea Tow Membership includes: FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop untangling and covered ungroundings and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Please obtain your certificate number from the Sea Tow application you received at closing before using you boat. Any questions about Sea Tow please call 772-252-3591. We encourage you to renew your membership.

Proper Care of Your Boat

16. Anti-fouling Bottom Paint: If you are leaving your boat in the water more than 3-5 days at a time we recommend
applying anti-fouling paint to prevent barnacle and vegetation growth and provide finish protection. Bottom paint requires maintenance and re-painting over time. Please ask our service manager for details.

17. Stainless Steel Care and Corrosion: Please know that the stainless steel on your boat requires maintenance if you want to keep it looking its shiny best We recommend “Flitz” metal polish and a cotton rag be used every 1-3 months. Corrosion X is a great spray product for protecting the metal between polishing. Discoloring stainless steel is not covered under your warranty when proper care is not given.

18. Miscellaneous: Please have your boat lift company come by and measure your new boat if you plan to store on your boat lift. Boat trailers up to 6000# capacity are usually a 2” ball size and trailers over 6000# capacity require a 2 5/16” ball. If your trailer has brakes, a 5 prong trailer plug will be required on your vehicle. Your vehicle’s trailer ball height should be approximately 17” off the ground. Always turn outboards hard to port before tilting full up.

Safe Boating Tips

19. DO NOT plan long or offshore trips in your new boat until you have used it a few times, learned its systems and gotten used to operating it properly. Taking the time to build a confidence in your boat is a smart move before heading out very far from port.

20. Check the weather before you hit the water. If you already checked it, check again before you head out. Weather changes, and unexpected storms can sneak up on you. If you’re new to boating, that’s no time to be caught by a surprise squall.

21. Get on and off the boat ramp quickly so other boaters aren’t giving you the evil eye. Load your boat ahead of time—not on the ramp. Find an empty parking lot and practice steering with your trailer so you’ll have experience come launch day.

22. Dress in layers. It might be warm on land, but you don’t want to get cold if the breeze kicks up on the water. Be prepared for changes in conditions.

23. Go slow when docking. If you rush, you could damage your boat, the dock, or worst of all, another boat. If it’s not going well, don’t be too proud to back away and start again. (Read docking tips here)

24. Pack more food and water than you think you’ll need. You may be surprised by how boating works up your hunger and thirst. There’s no drive-through on the water, so make sure you’re well stocked.

25. Valuables like cell phones, keys and wallets have a way of getting wet or falling in the drink. Make sure they’re secured.

26. Leave a float plan. Things can go wrong on the water. Make sure if you get stuck out there, somebody onshore knows when and where to look for you.

27. Always wear a life jacket. The vast majority of boating-related deaths occur because victims were not wearing a life jacket. It’s easy to do, and it could save your life.

28. Have an on-board first-aid kit. When you are on the water, you can’t just run to the doctor’s office if you suffer an injury. Be prepared to treat yourself until you can get back to land.

29. Have a tool box on-board. If you have a mechanical problem when boating, you don’t want to be stuck on the water for hours waiting for help to arrive. Have tools and spare parts available so you can fix any problems yourself.

30. Avoid Sea Weed and floating debris: This can clog your cooling system and cause your engine(s) to overheat.

31. When docking: Always observe wind speed and direction, current speed and direction and water depth. Always go slow and take your time. Warn passengers to keep their hands inside the boat.

32. Understand what power trim does and how to use it.

33. Always watch for shallow water in front of you. If you don’t know how deep the water is GO SLOW and trim engine up 35 degrees to protect lower unit.

34. Never drink alcohol or consume drugs while operating a vessel.

More Helpful Information

35. Florida State Registration Numbers: To install your numbers correctly, put a piece of masking tape on the hull in the front 1/3 of the hull so the letters are aligned properly. Then peel the backing off the letter itself only and keep the letter in the frame. Then align the rectangular frame with the tape maintaining the correct spacing as required by law. Be sure to choose a color for your letters that is opposite to your hull color. IE. FL (skip 3 inches) 1234 (skip 3 inches) HK.

36. Customer Satisfaction Survey: You may receive a survey from the manufacturers of your boat or engine in the future. Should there be any reason we do not deserve a perfect score, please allow us the opportunity to make it right prior to completing the survey. Anything less than a perfect score is unacceptable to us.

For more information please visit https://www.topnotchmarine.com/boaters-learning-center/.

Thank you again from all of us at Top Notch Marine

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