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Selling your used boat can be quite complicated. If you are looking to sell your boat, Top Notch Marine is the right place to sell it for the maximum value. Boats are not as easy as selling cars and have lot more work, legality, paper work and other arduous tasks associated with it. With Top Notch Marine you can sell your boat fast, and hassle free. Remember, time is of prime importance if you are selling your boat. A used boat that is on the market unsold for over 60 days loses its value remarkably. The longer you keep your used boat on the market, the more chances for it to collect dust, rust, mechanical issues and even lose its sheen and attractiveness, reducing the value of your boat even further. When it comes to selling your boat, Top Notch Marine has all the bases covered by offering you three convenient programs designed to help you sell your boat in the best way possible. Please see your options below and choose the method that works best for you.

We Buy Boats Cash - Sell Your Boat

We Buy Boats in Florida – Immediate Cash Purchase – Sell Us Your Boat

When selling your boat quickly is your priority, selling your boat to us is your best option. We buy boats everyday! The benefits are:

  • No cost to you for this service.
  • On the spot same day payment.
  • We will pay off your loan.
  • No detailing and repair bills to pay.
  • In most cases your boat MUST be less than 7 years old and locally popular.

Consignment and Brokerage Services

We Make Selling your Used Boat on Consignment Easy and Safe

For over 38 years, we have offered a fantastic consignment / brokerage program that gets results! Boat Consignment is a great option for those interested in selling their boat easily and for more than you might think possible.

The benefits to selling on consignment are:

  • It’s Fast, Easy & Convenient
  • Selling Prices are at Market Levels Not Wholesale Levels
  • All Payments and Payoffs are Guaranteed and Secure
  • Your Boat is Safely Stored and Displayed at Our Dealership
  • All the Showing, Selling, Advertising, Financing and Paperwork is Handled for You.
  • Your Identity id Protected.

What We Offer:

  • FREE valuation appraisal.
  • Highest price paid for your boat.
  • We aggressively advertise your boat on many websites worldwide.
  • We handle all negotiations, closing paperwork, titling, loan payoff and payment.
  • We guarantee funds.
  • We keep your boat looking great.
  • We store your boat at our dealership.
  • We accept trade-ins on consignments. Yes! We even accept motorcycles, cars, RVs and real estate trades.
  • We offer great financing terms on consignment boats.
  • We DO NOT sea trial your boat until it is sold and paid for.
  • We have 2 Florida locations with sales professionals working 7 days a week to sell your boat.
  • In most cases your boat MUST be less than 12 years old and locally popular.

Boat, Motor and Trailer Consignment Program Details

  • One Time Survey Fee: $259 per engine – Our service department charges a survey fee which is well under the $750 to $1500 a surveyor would charge. For this we perform a complete mechanical, electrical and structural survey on your boat. This allows us to reassure a buyer that the vessel is a great opportunity and can be advertised as “Certified Pre-Owned”.
  • Monthly Service Fee: We charge between $99 and $199 per month for advertising, cleaning and storage costs. This is to offset our recurring expenses.
  • Consignment agreements have a minimum term of 180 days.
  • Please call or visit for complete details.
    • Boats must be 15 years of age or newer and in good running condition. Exceptions do apply. Call for more details.
    • Boats must also be on a trailer or transported to our dealership to be displayed there.
    • We do not consign boats at locations other than Top Notch Marine.
    • Pricing will be discussed at unit drop off consultation.
    • All required paperwork / documents must be on file with selling dealer.
    • Contract must be signed with dealer.
    • The seller must keep current marine insurance in effect while the boat remains on our premises.

Trade In your boat

You may not be aware that we gladly accept boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles and other toys on trade. In fact our motto on trades is “if it doesn’t eat… we take it! The benefits of trading your boat or other item of value is the following:

  • Save a bundle on sales tax. Receive dollar for dollar sales tax reduction on the value of your trade in.
  • FREE trade in evaluation.
  • We handle the loan pay-off and the paperwork.
  • No more repair bills.
  • You get the boat of your dreams and enjoy it now.
  • We will also consider RVs, Autos, Motorcycles and Equipment for trade-in.


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*Storage fee may apply. Financing with approved credit.

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