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We specialize in outboard boat engine sales and repower. Financing is available as well as installation and custom rigging. Buy a new Yamaha, Mercury, Honda or Suzuki outboard for Less!

Why repower your boat with new outboard motors?

Now is the perfect time to consider re-powering – but the question is what brand to select? When it comes to cost, Honda outboards win hands-down. Here’s why: While all outboard engine brands of a given horsepower cost about the same, that is only part of the story. If a joystick is wanted on a twin-engine installation, which will cost $25,000 extra on a Yamaha rig – but, Honda charges only $15,000 more. That’s a savings of $10,000, right out of the gate.

The required dealer maintenance on 4-stroke engines require a 20-hour dealer visit, plus annual oil/filter and other required maintenance that can easily run $600 for a pair of large outboards per visit. Cutting maintenance costs in half as compared to other marine power options.

Then of course there’s the improvement in fuel economy. Today’s 4 stroke engines consume much less fuel then engines of the past. They are more efficient, you don’t have to buy expensive 2 stroke oil and our waters are cleaner by far as a result!

Taken together, those details save an owner almost 1/2 over the course of 5 years – about the cost of one of those big 250-hp engines. Half-price!



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Honda Marine Financing on New Honda Outboard