How to find the perfect boat for your family

OUTBOARD FISHING BOAT SALESWhether you enjoy high speed or low key, inshore of offshore, there’s a boat for every lifestyle and budget. The best part is that you don’t have to pick just one. Boats are multi-functional and offer a bunch of fun options and activities they can do. Please read on… we’ll make it easy to choose the best boat for your family.

We advise our customers to start their boat shopping journey by considering the activities that they might want to enjoy with their new boat. Imagine a pizza with 10 slices… how many slices would be fishing, how many would be water sports etc? This exercise will help you understand what activities are most important to you and your family. With that information, the right boat is a lot easier to choose. Always remember we are here to help you too. Contact us with any question or concern.

Some popular boating activities in our area include:

  • Fishing
    • Inshore – Saltwater     Whether anchored or drifting, bottom or jig fishing, inshore fishing is the easiest way to enjoy fishing.
    • Offshore – Saltwater     Offshore fishing requires more equipment, more time and usually a larger boat. There’s no better adventure for boaters.
    • Lake / Reservoir / Marsh – Freshwater     For those who enjoy nature, tranquility and a great time on your boat, freshwater fishing is very popular.


  • Cruising and Over-nighting
    • Coastal along the intra-coastal waterway.
    • Ocean along the beach or travel to the Bahamas.
    • Inland across the state of Florida through the Okeechobee waterway.


  • Restaurant Hopping
    • Take the gang to your favorite restaurant by boat! It’s fun, different and makes for a great night out.


  • Diving and Snorkeling
    • Take your boat offshore and enjoy diving and snorkeling in water depths from 10 feet to 100 feet and beyond.


  • Water Sports
    • Water skiing – Enjoy a true American activity with your boat.
    • Wake Boarding – Wake boarding requires a boat capable of making a wave large enough to surf like you would at the beach. Most wake boats have special equipment including balast tanks to add weight and create a great wave.
    • Tubing / Towables – The easiest of the water sports group. Almost any age can enjoy riding a towable behind a boat.


  • Beach Party
    • Take your boat to the local cove or sand bar and enjoy the party! Get some sun, play a game of frisbee or just chill out. You can do it all!