Carolina Skiff for Sale

Why Buy a Carolina Skiff?

There are Many Benefits to Buying and Owning a Carolina Skiff Boat…

Carolina Skiff boats are known for their versatility and high-quality performance, which can make them the best choice for high value seeking boaters and fisherman. That being said, to really know for sure if a Carolina Skiff is the right boat for your needs, you should visit Top Notch Marine as soon as possible. The internet is great but at the end of the day, your best bet is seeing, touching and trying a Carolina Skiff boat on for size and  But the only way you’re going to know if one of these vessels is right for you is to stop by The Sports Center to check them out for yourself. Visit our locations in Fort Pierce and Melbourne Florida, and we’ll give you an up-close tour of our complete line of Carolina Skiff boats.

The “aircraft carrier” known as the LS series is available in 17′, 19′, 21 and 23 foot models.

Carolina Skiff LS 17, 19, 21 23 for sale florida

Enhanced Hull and Deck Design

Each Carolina Skiff model feature their exclusive superior hull design to give you the best performance available. Some of the models provide a hybrid hull to give you the added benefits of two different hull designs in one great boats. Combining popular design elements in order to create the perfect fishing experience is what Carolina Skiff boats do best. This kind of innovative thinking can also make handling easier and smoother. Whether you’re headed into the ocean or into shallow waters, there are models designed for all your favorite fishing locations. Even if you’re just interested in taking the family out for some fun on the water, there are runabout models that’ll make each experience fun and comfortable.




Below is a Carolina Skiff 26 Ultra Elite… Ultra Elite models are available in 19′, 21′, 23′, 24′ and 26 feet.

Carolina Skiff Ultra Elite for Sale

Excellent Overall Performance

Of course, an excellent boat can’t be excellent without superior performance. On top of the enhanced hull design, you’ll also get your choice of Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda or Mercury 4 stroke outboards. Powerful outboard engines help you coast through the water and reach the best fishing grounds in no time. The handling and maneuverability is improved thanks to top-of-the-line technology and the consoles will be easy to use. Every time you hit the water, it’ll be a new and exciting experience, so don’t pass on the opportunity to own one of the most popular affordable boats ever made.


The DLV series is available in 17′, 19′, 21′, and 23′.

Carolina Skiff DLV for sale

Better Fishing

As you can see, fishing is the heart and soul of many Carolina Skiff models. Boating can be the best way to unwind, maintain social distancing and have fun with your family. That’s why these models come with all the important features you’ll need to make the most of your day on the water. This includes deep livewells, cargo storage bags, rod holders, and coolers so there’s space for your supplies and your fish. Not to mention that their open designs make it easy to access all sides and cast your line from any point on the boat. They’re the ultimate budget fishing vessel for you and your crew .

Ready to check out some Carolina Skiff Boats for sale? Stop by Top Notch Marine and let one of our friendly staff members give you the complete rundown of all available models and options. We proudly off Carolina Skiff in the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama.



One of the most popular models… The JLS 162, 178 and 192 are an awesome choice for a “do it all” boat!

Carolina skiff jls 162,178,192 for sale

Best in Value

Get the most for your money with a Carolina Skiff. Enjoy affordable packages designed for the things we all love to do on the water. Enjoy one of the highest resale values of any affordable boat and best yet, your cost of ownership is the lowest in boating. All the way around, buying a Carolina Skiff is a great investment in family fishing fun and we at Top Notch Marine look forward to making your Carolina Skiff dreams a reality!

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