So you want to buy a deck boat?

Monterey M65 for Sale

The exciting Monterey M65

A deck boat is a great choice for those who do many things with their boat. Cruising, fishing watersports or just hanging out with friends and family along the shore are all in a deck boat’s wheelhouse.

Most recreational boats can do what a deck boat can however, a true deck boat can do them in much shallower water, with less horsepower and in many cases much more comfort. The social seating arrangements in most deck boats make for great conversations, enjoying meals or just relaxing.

Popular deck boat brands like Monterey and Starcraft are great examples of what a ground up designed deck boat can be. When shopping for a deck boat look at the hull from the front and see if the boat looks more like a vee hull or less of a vee with sponsons or buoyancy on the outer edges of the hull. These are signs of a true deck boat designed hull. The alternative is a vee hull with the bow squared or rounded off. This creates the illusion of more interior space and the hull will typically be less stable and “tippy” as loads shift from side to side. These brands represent the full spectrum of price points and range in size from 19 feet to 26 feet.

They start as low as $29,990 for a 19 foot Starcraft and go well over $80,000 for a 26 foot M65 Monterey but the best part of a deck boat is not it’s price. What sets a deck boat apart is its versatility. A well designed deck boat like the brands previously mentioned can do so many fun things!

Monterey M45 and M65 Deck Boats for Sale

Buy the exciting Monterey M45 or M65 outboard deck boat today!

  • Water Skiing
  • Cruising
  • Fishing Inshore
  • Fishing Offshore
  • Beaching at a favorite sandbar
  • Carry lots of people and gear
  • Go to restaurants
  • Snorkelling or SCUBA Diving
  • Tubing
  • Picnicking


When considering purchasing a deck boat, be sure you know what activities you want to do in your boat, how many will be in the boat most of the time, and where your budget should be. For 30 years I have always advised my customers to try not to buy the wrong boat for the right price. What that means is simply know what you want to do and how much you want to spend.


Starcraft MDX 211 E

Starcraft MDX 211 E